Winding on down…

The mountains surrounding Pinedale, WY have turned white. We got our first dusting of the season and with it came the undeniable feeling that winter, true winter, will soon be here. I could definitely do without the wind but I welcome the lower tempuratures on the condition that they will be accompanied by plenty of precipitation, a very pleasing combination to all snowsports enthusiasts.
With the onset of winter come the final few weeks of my CLM internship. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to spend the second leg of the program in Pinedale. Not that Rock Springs didn’t have its charm, well perhaps charm is a bit too generous of a word, but I’ve enjoyed Pinedale very much. It’s a cozy, quaint little community at the foot of the Wind River Range that has lots to offer in terms of culture and recreation. And they have a great brewery here, too. What more could one ask for?
This year’s drought left plenty to be desired in regards to available projects but luckily, upon my arrival in Pinedale, I’ve been able to keep busy and get out into the field. No seeds were collected by this intern but many a wildlife survey and habitat assessment have received the McCoy treatment.
The absence of rain made most of the plants brown and crusty and the field season less than ideal. But how often is anything ideal really? My Wyoming adventure hasn’t quite turned out how I expected but that alone has served as a valuable learning experience. And thankfully, I got to move to Pinedale.