End of Season Fun

The start of October marked the end of the ERUM seed collection for the season! We got a ton of good collections. Our last week out for seed collections, we went to the Lemhi Mountains. It was snowing up there! We still found a small collection of ERUM though! We also collected from an area by Ketchum. Some of the ERUM seeds were frozen together which was pretty crazy. We owe this collection to Marguerite, one of our Forest Service interns who found it on her own!

We went to Reno for surveys and luckily found an ERUM population! Had a great time collecting on a beautiful day!

Fog over the Lemhi Mountains.

My new signature meal became peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They are so convenient and tasty! The occasional quesadilla is also necessary.

Second to last seed collection trip of the season in Nevada! Found some good collections. We collected from Angel lake area in Nevada. We climbed all the way up to Grey’s peak which is over 10,000 feet elevation! We got a great collection at the very top after an extremely long hike. We started down the mountain just before sunset and had to find our way back in the dark! We had headlamps, so it was okay, but it was quite the crazy adventure!

After finishing the seed collection season, we are now moving onto office work for the last couple weeks. Beth and I are also going to a wilderness first aid training in Bend Oregon in the last week of October! We are going to find out what Bend is doing for Halloween!