Final Post


Well my year long internship has finally come to a close. Over the last year, I’ve learned plenty more about the BLM than I did the first time I worked for them. I can tell you I know a lot about filing cabinets and what my cubicle looks like, that’s for sure. The best part of the internship was probably the occasional very long hike with the Abandoned Mine Lands program searching for adits and shafts showing in lidar data. That part was great field experience and I was able to further my mapping knowledge that way.  I have mixed feelings about the end of the internship, and may or may not be returning to actually work for them. We’ll see how things play out. Until then, I’ll leave one of my favorite pictures from this area, Hobart Bluff in the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument.

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Signing out,

Morgan – Medford BLM

Back in Buffalo

Hello CLMers,

I am in Buffalo, Wyoming for my second CLM internship. This is the same location as last years.  Some ask, “Why, didn’t you look at other CLM opportunities?”  Answer: I really enjoyed my time at this field office.  Living between the Big Horn Mountains and the Sagebrush Steppe habitat with access to a small urban downtown.  Also, co-workers around my age who are still very excited about what they do for a living.

My thoughts go out to Justin Chappelle, a BLM legend, who has moved onto a CLM internship in Washington (round 3), Jill Pastick, an intern with this office last year, whom starts California in June, and a friend Alia Richardson starting in Oregon. I hope your field season is just as enjoyable as lasts, if not more!

Looking forward to plant identification, bird surveys, vegetation surveys and new unique experiences.

Till the next blog post.